spacer.gif spacer.gif To audiophiles who love listening to music
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Why you need our product
The most important function of an audio system is speaker selection, because the speakersf quality determines the systemfs quality.
You will never be satisfied with a top quality record or CD player and amps if you use general quality speakers.

Why our products are great
Let us introduce ourselves. We are GTSound and we are the best speaker manufacturer in Japan.
You will be able to enjoy sound which never has any coloration and distortion. Most manufacturers have a dilemma, cost or quality. So they cut the costs and compromise their quality but we do not, because we only choose quality over cost. We have developed our ultimate speaker units and systems.
A dream has become reality.
You will realize our systems are reasonable; a small price to pay when you consider your life time. We hope to share this great happiness with you.
We produce 16 inch woofers, 4 inch diaphragm drivers, ribbon tweeters, networks, horns and enclosures.
We believe our products are of the highest quality in the world.
You will be able to recognise each instrument, the musicianfs passion and energy, the size of concert halls, etccso you are going to feel you are in the concert hall when you listen to music.
The sound of our speaker systems is similar to large multi-way horn (more than 5-way) with well managed multi-amp systems but our sound is better. I am sorry for multi-way system owners.
In addition, we have ultra-high ribbon units which were originally produced by Sony, ours have a stronger body than Sony.
You will be able to reproduce very high-frequency band up to 100 kHz. This ribbon tweeter is also the best in the world.