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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unit manufacturer used for G.T.Sound speakers?

The speaker unit is an original unit made by G.T. Sound. Only Woofer : GSU-W16R and Driver : GSU-D04R are available.

How is G.T.Sound different from Exclusive and Ray Audio, which have similar shapes and colors?

The both brands uses units which was TAD’s Driver TD-4001 developed by Pioneer in 1981.
Exclusive uses TAD brand Woofer TL-1601a developed in 1982.
Ray Audio uses the TAD brand Woofer TL-1601b, which was developed in 1988.
At that time, TAD was developed, designed and manufactured by Pioneer together with JBL.
GAUSS, E/V, and ALTEC were also made for professional use, and were made with a focus on loud volume, skipping sound, light weight, and maintenance. .
Of course, the same applies to SP-BOX, Horn, and Network.
Our SP is a 21st century model developed in 2018 for consumers from the beginning.
Made with carefully selected materials and a precise structure, it is custom made and expensive.
Although the shapes and colors are similar, the playback sound is completely different.
It doesn’t bother you at high volumes, and the lows won’t lose weight or lose balance even at low volumes.
Please judge our sounds by listening with your own eyes and ears.
Because it is made to order, it takes about 6 to 8 months to deliver.

What is the unit compatibility with JBL, GAUSS, TAD, etc.?

The driver mounting diameter is 101,6mm, so it is compatible with 2 inch Throat Driver.
The mounting diameter of Woofer is 170mm, so the mounting position is the same as 400mm for TAD and 38mm for JBL and GAUSS etc.

Can you really play broadband on 2 Way?

Our driver GSU-04R, developed to approach the full range, covers from 500Hz to 24kHz flat without peaks or dips
You don’t need a general tweeter (7-8kHz or more) or a super tweeter (12kHz or more).
I mean there is no need to split high frequencies.
The Woofer GSU-W16R uses a double damper structure to play lightly from the heavy and low frequencies of 28Hz, so no subwoofer is required.
The crossover is completed in one 2-way.
If the number of SP-UNITs increases in a multiway, a phase problem will occur.

What is the difference from SONY unit?

In 1995, Sony Music Entertaiment(SME) researched, developed, and completed using the latest technology of SONY
to produce a speaker units which was & for studio monitors.
As a professional unit, the specifications were good and the “sound” was amazing but we felt that the music was mineral and the sound thin totally.
Then We asked SME to improve the sound quality for consumers without changing the specifications, and a new unit was completed in 1999.
That was and .
In addition, there was as a model that we requested separately from our company.
After that, due to the withdrawal of SME’s professional audio, the production of the unit was stopped. .
However, at G.T.Sound, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to keep this wonderful unit for future generations, and chose a way to make our own.
We repeated trial and error in 2006, and finally the G.T.Sound original 『極』 was born.
The shape and data are similar to the original SONY units but the structure, sound quality, all have been improved to G.T.Sound original sound.

How durable is the woofer edge?

Soft because it is a special rubber roll edge.
It is resistant to humidity and heat and does not cure because it is not a thick material like raw rubber and cracks are prevented from occurring.
The double damper prevents the cone paper from sagging, so the load on the edges is even.

What is the magnet used?

Uses a large alnico magnet DG5 with demagnetization measures.
The magnet part of Woofer is round bar-shaped, measures heat dissipation and oxidation, and is twice as long as TL-1601b (TAD).

What about transportation and settings?

Our SP-BOX, will be delivered by piano transport or Nittsu transport as not to be damaged.
Depending on the installation location, additional costs may be required.
Horn, Driver, etc… will be assembled by us at our customer’s home.
Separate air charge and work table for one person

I want to listen at a low volume because the room is small. Is there a smaller SP?

Small SPs are not originally suited for rich bass reproduction.
Something like the difference between violin and cello, small drum and big drum,
even if there are several violins and small drums, the sound of cello and large drums cannot be reproduced.
Similarly, even if there are several small woofers, the low range of a large woofer cannot be reproduced.
If you listen at a low volume, you need a woofer that does not break the low-frequency balance even if the volume is reduced.
Since the diameter of a small woofer is small, low frequency reproduction becomes difficult and a subwoofer is required .
However, the GSU-W16 can comfortably enjoy music with the same sound balance even when listening at a reduced volume.
The GSU-W16R is built with Woofer as the least common multiple, and the Driver GSU-D04R is built with the greatest common divisor.
If there is no more Woofer and Driver, it is a product that can be delivered with confidence.

Is the speaker of G.T.Sound suitable for JAZZ or CLASSIC because it is horn type?

Generally, JBL, ALTEC, GAUSS, and TAD are horn-type representatives, so it is easy to think so.
These are excellent devices that can send sound far away,the sound protrudes forward,emphasizing energy.
There is no jazz good or classic good in our speakers because G.T.Sound is uncolored (nothing added, nothing drawn) so it’s not unsuitable.
Our speakers are compatible with all music genres and reproduces broadband without distortion.
Taking advantage of HORN’s strengths (realism, perspective), it reproduces the texture of the instrument and even the musicians.
Jazz,Fusion,large or small classics even in all genres, our speakers can play with natural sound and listen for a long time without getting tired.
Those who audition are surprised by the soft sound. This is the sound of the horn !?

Isn’t the price high?

All of our products are made of carefully selected materials and precise structures.
In addition, we examine and measure each one, and over time we make units with very little individual difference.
Everything is produced in Japan.
Please come and experience our products with your own eyes and ears.
We think that your values ​​for audio will change after listen to sound from our speakers.
If you divide living time by listening time, you will feel that it is not expensive products.
We are all looking forward to your coming.