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We continue to seek the best music playback

We continue to seek the best music playback
G.T.Sound keep continue to seek the best music playback.
We continue to create the ultimate speakers without compromise , with high efficiency , high resolution , low loss , aging response , no left&right individual differences.
You can feel that texture & tone of musical instruments , the energy ,spirit and breath of the musician and express the presense of the hall after listening our sounds.
Our speaker system that can fully enjoy music without breaking the balance not only at low volume but also at high volume.
Reproduce the sound as it is , without adapting it to the recorded sound.
Playback sound has not been modified , so jazz and classic sound both good.
Our speaker systems can play all genres softly and it plays natural sounds so you can listen for a long time without getting tired.
We want to spread the works to be left in the history of Audio & the spirit of Japanese Craftmanship to the world.

Please come and listen to our speakers that will allow you to encounter more emotion with more natural and delicate sound.