“Sound revolution!” Greatest Audio System

You can feel that texture & tone of musical instruments , the energy ,spirit and breath of the musician and express the richiness of the hall after our sound.Please come and listen to our speakers that will allow you to encounter more emotion with more natural and delicate sound. Our speaker system that can fully enjoy music without breaking the balance not only at low volume but also at high volume. We are confident that we will be able to reproduce even higher levels of original sound by taking in the good parts learned from the history of audio and combining them with modern new technologies, components and advanced surveying technologies. We manufacture speakers with high efficiency,wide band,and individual differences that could not be achieved in the past.

Evrything for listeners & No compromises before the true sound that is our motto….


Common to our Units;
The resonance is suppressed thoroughly so that no signal other than the diaphragm is output.
We measure and manage each one so that there is no individual difference.
The magnet adopts Alnico DG5 to cope with aging of magnetism.
There is no need to repair it because it is manufactured precisely.


By placing the double damper above and below the coil, it does not burden the edge and then not only heavy and low frequencies, but also ultra-small signals are reproduced lightly. (See cut model and diagram) Woofer is only this because there is no unit in the world that can exhibit the performance of W16R or higher.It is a unique work.
※Units larger or smaller than W16R will not be manufactured.


The material of the diaphragm is reflected in the “sound” directly.
Titanium and beryllium are hard materials and can emit sound far away.It’s material produces a hard sound.
The characteristics of the material appear as “sound”.
We noticed that aluminum materials in the natural world are soft and made oxide films by making the diaphragms pure aluminum.
In this way, it was possible to prevent oxidation.
The diaphragm thickness is extremely thin, 35 microns.
and a skilled craftsman manually winds the voice coil directly around the diaphragm. Although it is not visible from outside.
As a result, the “sound” reproduction band is improved, and the resolution is greatly improved.
The distance between the ultra-thin pure aluminum diaphragm and the forged integrated aluminum alloy phase plug(Part covered by semicircle) is
all measured and controlled to 0.5mm makes ultra-wideband playback (500Hz ~ 24kHz) possible without distortion.(See cut model and diagram)
In addition, measurement management is performed so that there is no individual difference.
There is no unit exceeding GSU-D04R in the world, so this is the only driver.
It is a unique work,too.

Wood Horn (Demonstrate more than 100% of Driver’s performance)

Horns are available only for large GH-301BR and small GH-502B.
The material is made of birch plywood with a high wood density as a plywood, and measures against resonance by using thick wall material.
NC processing creates a beautiful curve without distortion from the integrated wood block, enabling wideband reproduction.
It has a finless structure (corresponds to changes in resonance and phase),
and the throat adapter is made of stainless steel (resonance and oxidation countermeasures).
The GH-301BR has T-shaped wings on the top and bottom, a fixing device with the rear baffle is installed to prevent resonance, in addition to the driver fixing device.


Since the SP-UNIT performs broadband playback, only one cross point is required in 2 ways.
There is no need to equalize because there is no coloring such as peaks and dips.
Due to the simple design, the material and arrangement of the parts used affect the sound.
It is designed and manufactured with custom-made large iron core coils and scrutinizedfilm capacitors,metal clad so that the resolution does not drop.
Also supports bi-amp drive.

SP-BOX (Existence to demonstrate the performance of Woofer over 100%)

The material is made of birch plywood with a high wood density same as Wood Horn.
There are two types of Horn, built-in type and external type.
The baffle thickness on the front is 72 mm for a small single woofer, and 84 mm for double woofer and others.
The board thickness other than the front baffle is 36mm.
We intentionally make the sound of wood material very small so you can feel the more natural sound..
The duct part is also designed and made thick with birch plywood for resonance measures.