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〈Ultimate step-up transformer〉 You can fully draw out the capabilities of all MC cartridges and meet new discoveries.


<Ultimate step-up transformer> You can fully draw out the capabilities of all MC cartridges and meet new discoveries.


  • Since a large-capacity transformer that uses Fine-met as the core material is used, the magnetic strain is close to 0 (high saturation magnetic flux density, high    magnetic permeability, low magnetostriction loss, low magnetostriction, temperature characteristics, deterioration over time, high frequency characteristics. Is excellent).
  • By thickening the windings (wire diameter) on the primary side and secondary side and suppressing the DC resistance to 0.4Ω, the resolution is improved, and by having a wide band, you can meet the expression of a fine atmosphere.
  • The coil is soaked in insulating oil (using a glass mill terminal), and by enclosing it in a case with a built-in 5-layer special resin, it responds to resonance countermeasures and electromagnetic waves from the outside, and the bass part bounces richly and sharply.
  • Since the cartridge signal output is an RCA signal, the input terminal is only one RCA terminal. By realizing low loss quality, high efficiency, and high power, it has low distortion and excellent phase characteristics, and it is possible to obtain a fine and powerful static sound while having an ultra-wide range.


Frequency range 10Hz~100kHz (1Ω~47kΩ)
Input impedance1Ω〜40Ω(Recommended cartridges impedance)
Load resistance47kΩ or less
Connector  Rhodium plating
Channel balance  0.1dB(1kHz) or less
Channel separationOver 100dB(1kHz) 【Complete separation】
Wiring material4N silver wire
Ground terminal IN , OUT  Rhodium plating in 2 places
External dimentions400mm×180mm×290mm (W×H×D)
Exterior Birch plywood