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GTT-007 / GTT-010(for #SP-10)Stainless steel Turntable Sheet


The cartridge is made of hard material so that the signal engraved on the LP can be reproduced precisely.
It is designed so that it can be operated with a finger even during rotation by setting it to 294mm so that LP(300mm) can be handled easily.


  • By integrating Turntable sheet(Resistant to aging) made of stainless steel and record board, unnecessary vibration from the motor and the outside does not affect the cartridge.
  • The turntable and the record are integrated, and the sound of the record material (resin) is released.
  • As a periphery is made at 294mm, it is easy to put software to the turntable as a finger hangs over the LP300mm board and comes to be easy to remove it even if I do not stop the turn of the record.
    It’s easy to handle the 10-inch board equally by establishing the groove.
    In addition, since an air layer is formed in the groove, it also has an antistatic effect.
  • It raise the hold characteristics of the record by making taper (conical) of 1mm on an inner periphery from a periphery. (We take hologram analysis into account.)
  • It is made to cope with a curve and a distortion of the disk when you use a stabilizer.
  • The label part is 0.3mm, and the innermost part is 0.3mm.


Materialstainless steel 304
Thickness/WeightGTT-007:7mm / 3.3kg
GTT-010:10mm / 4.9kg
Shape1mm thinner in amortar shape from the outer periphery towrd the center.
NoteCannot be used for plates with low torque or low load capacity(GTT-010 just for SP-10)